Social Democrats Councillor Owen Hanley has called on the government to end proposals for the Shannon LNG terminal that would see fracked gas enter into Ireland.

The government has proposed the plan to be included in the European Projects of Common Interest which would give it access to a multi-billion euro funding pot and a streamlined planning and permit process.

Councillor Hanley said:

“The Shannon LNG was in clear contradiction of the climate commitments this state has undertaken both through its carbon goals under the Paris Climate Agreement as well as undermining the fracking ban we have in Ireland.”

Councillor Hanley continued: “The company that owns the Shannon LNG is already invested in fracked gas in the US and intends to expand its fracking operations. The government would be explicitly complicit in supporting those efforts if this terminal goes ahead considering the companies intentions are well known.

“A number of environmental activists has called on the government to withdraw the Shannon LNG from the list of PCIs before the deadline of Thursday 23rd October 2019. This is of vital importance. Either the government stands for climate action and is committed to making the just transition we need to a cleaner economy and energy system or it is bluffing.”


22nd October 2019