Local Election Candidate for Ennis

Chris is a law student in the National University of Ireland, Galway. He was President of the debating society in NUIG for the 2016/17 term.  Chris firmly believes that the next generation of Irishmen and Irishwomen must stand up, speak out and be counted in the decisions being made now that will affect their futures.

Chris first became actively involved in politics during the Marriage Equality referendum before joining the Social Democrats. Currently the housing crisis, the mental health crisis plaguing young people particularly, and the governments inaction on climate change are what motivate him.

Chris was born and raised in Ennis and attended school locally. He played with Ennis Rugby Club for almost ten years before taking up martial arts with Clare jiu jitsu academy.

Chris believes passionately that Irish politics needs an injection of new people and fresh ideas to prepare Ireland for the 21st century. The Social Democrats are the right party for political renewal, economic justice and environmental defence and these are needed more than ever in the world we live in.”

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Our government is overseeing the exploitation of our natural resources for private profit by international finance. This is of local, national and global importance
A National Geographic documentary team came all the way to Clare - You have to watch this.

Shannon LNG is planning to build a gas terminal in the Shannon estuary.
Construction is going to begin in the next few months unless we stop it.

The largest supertankers in the world will sail into the Shannon Estuary, a special conservation area for dolphins, carrying some of the dirtiest fossil fuels imaginable. We will not reach our emissions targets by importing dirty gas.

This facility is a crucial link in a global chain that is literally poisoning the air around us. If you ever thought climate change and environmental destruction was too big or too distant to do anything, this is your chance.

The group operating the facility have had multiple explosions at their facilities. Multiple.
If there is a spillage, leakage or explosions it will be catastrophic for our communities, our environment and our entire region.

Good luck advertising the Wild Atlantic Way when the Shannon is a deadzone.

We HAVE to spread the word of this and the work Futureproof Clare are doing.
I wont go into the science too much, Futureproof Clare has great information - check them out.
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Senan Alan Felix Jo Tommy Oloughlin The company claim they will create 40 long term jobs. A job is important, no doubt, but they won't be coming to Clare, Kerry will see those. We will see marginal benefits at best(!) while some international financing institute profits enormously. It locks us into fossil fuel infrastructure. That means punitive fines for breaching intl treaty obligations, more emissions, and more deaths. It's bad for peoples quality of life and those fines for carbon emissions will be be more costly than the couple dozen long term jobs Those are certain - if there's an accident then the damage could be devastating to the whole regions economic prosperity, life quality, and biodiversity If we want jobs and energy for a modern economy we seriously need to start re-orientating and transitioning to renewables and green industry/agriculture. A Green New Deal is how to run a modern economy. That's where the jobs in the 21st century will come from and people of Clare and Ireland would be much better off training workers and businesses in various industries, erecting solar panels and off shore windfarms. A lot of that needs to happen through central government but local government can help create the conditions and remove some barriers out of peoples way. Tipperary has a great example in the Tipperary energy co-op - even more broadly cloughjordan is a great example of rural revival. Not to mention Moy Hill community farm out by Lahinch. Those are the sort of local measures and initatives we can support - that I do and will support.

"Cris kirwin and your likes" until you go and live in a cave with a leaf around your arse and live on berries you are a hypocrite.sick of listening to serial protesters . If ye had yer way , ye would bring back the fleas

Gas is clean we need it let the job s come I live in kilrush

Do they want to run a modern economy by burning turf? We need to protect the environment but we need to be clever about it.

Good video Chris Kirwan for Clare County Council. What do you plan to do about it?

Bull shit, Bull shit. We have thousands of people all over the World needing work and wanting to live in Ireland. There is Gas lines already going across the river Shannon. The same shit was said about Money point power station when it was been planned and built. The wild Atlantic way was there then and is there now. There is gas and oil terminals all over the World in every Country and a lot of the major cities. So Lets create employment for the people of Clare.

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The offence of Blasphemy is an infringement on the fundamental right to freedom of expression. The law is unjust and ineffective.

Separating Church and State is central to updating Ireland for the 21st century and I urge all citizens for a progressive Ireland to turn out and Vote Yes to remove Blasphemy from our constitution.
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The offence of Blasphemy is an infringement on the fundamental right to freedom of expression. The law is unjust and ineffective.Separating Church and State is central to updating Ireland for the 21st century and I urge all citizens for a progressive Ireland to turn out and Vote Yes to remove Blasphemy from our constitution.


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Is there a vote on that?

The blasphemy referendum had nothing to do with separating Church and State and you know it!

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@gemmaod1 @SocDems Hi Gemma, I’ve a decade of experience in health reform & would like to use it to serve Galway & Ireland. Sharon is a talented activist, full of integrity & ideas. Why don’t you focus your energy fighting corruption rather than targeting people trying to make a difference? 👍🏽

If men in balaclavas evicting people from tenement dwellings doesn't angry up your blood, you're missing this whole being Irish thing.


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