Local Election Candidate for Bray East

A Bray native, Eamonn lives in the town with his wife Ileana, teenage daughter Eva and their two dogs, Scotty and Buddy. Eamonn was involved in the Repeal the 8th Referendum – and helped organise the successful Repeal Aid music event held in the Porter House Bray.

He is passionate in the areas of housing and homelessness, volunteering with Bray Area Rough Sleepers Support.

Previously Eamonn worked as a volunteer for Marino Clinic summer camps. Having a brother with a physical disability means Eamonn is keenly aware of the issues affecting those with disabilities in the area.

Eamon has a keen interest in local history and has also been involved in local amateur dramatics. His sporting interests include paddle boarding, soccer, tennis and jogging Eamonn’s political interests include social democracy, inequality, corruption, the housing crisis, disability issues and the environment.

Eamonn has worked in IT sales for the last 18 years.

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The Number 1 issue in Ireland at the moment is around housing. This is long post. But it's also my most important. The amount of houses where I have called on while out canvassing and found that there were 3/4 generations forced to live under one roof in the town is a disgrace. Grand parents houses packed and young people whose only option to try and save for a deposit or just prevent themselves becoming homeless is to move back home to their parents. But why has housing become so unaffordable? It's because of government policy that favours the rights of landlords over the rights of citizens. Michael Noonan openly admitted his intention was to increase house prices. It's been going on since the neo liberal ideologies of Reagan and Thatcher that eventually spread to Ireland. HAP schemes are not the answer. All they do is increase rent prices and lower the number of people who can afford to buy. But I think the thing that is going to cause most damage to our society in this area are the so called cuckoo investors. Institutions who buy up whole developments to use for rent and cut buyers who saved hard for a deposit out of the market. WE NEED TO BUILD MORE SOCIAL AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING. A FG government will do as little as possible. They will throw a few crumbs at housing instead of making a large long term investment on behalf of the state as they did from the 1950s till the 1980s. The Minister's plan rebuilding Ireland plan hasn't failed. He never intended implementing it. ... See MoreSee Less

Back in the 1960s The Quinn family (Who also owned Superquinn and opened Mosney Holiday village) saw that there was a gap in the market to provide a chairlift up Bray Head and imported one from a ski resort in Switzerland. It was very successful for many years and the remains are still there to this day. Ireland was a much poorer country back then and I believe the time is now perfect to look at the massive tourism and social benefits of building a new lift. That's why, if elected, I'll be asking Wicklow county council to conduct a feasibility study on the benefits of installinging a new chairlift or gondola. ... See MoreSee Less

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I was only saying the same thing today as I walked past it for the first time last week. Would make a great addition and tourist attraction to Bray

Ramon. Yes it would be Awesome to Have The Chairlifts Back in Operation. Another Great Addition to Bray πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ. I might even find My New Shoe πŸ‘‘πŸ‘Ÿwhich Felt Off Mid Journey. 54 Years 3πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ‘Ÿ

Be nice even if remains were painted and preserved and a board with pictures of the way it used to be.I meet a lot of people when walking up there to ask what it was like.

It was fabulous ...

Do up nailers cove

Great for the town , best of luck with it

Insurance prices.

Would be great

B great for seafront and pubs making more money and main Street bray closing shops to beat the band, a housing list the length of the promenade. Get ur priorities right

Cope on ye dope build houses

Would time and money not be better spent on getting the 140 families out of emergency accommodations Eamonn.??. Secondly Another amenity for the seafront while the Main Street slowly disappears. If your serious about local government these are the issue you’ll face, no one has concerns about chairlifts, families have concerns about where their children and grandchildren will grow up. Best of luck in the upcoming elections.

Fantastic Idea but is that all you have in your manifesto is their not more important and urgent things to worry about first

Bring back the birch !! 😝😝

Great idea ! Remember it from my childhood !!

what have you done so far for your local Community

I remember it well, Bray was a thriving seaside resort in those days before mass tourism abroad. Lots of people came down from the north to avoid the 12th, there were lodging houses everywhere. It was another era then with steam trains excursions from Dublin!

Small correction there: they didn’t run Mosney , they ran a holiday camp in skerries called Red Island

The only thing I remember of the lift was it was on postcards and that was right up to the 80s. I do remember been taken out on the paddle boats when I was about 5 yrs old .

thats a great idea Eamonn. ALways wondered about that lift - would def be a draw to Bray!

We miss the Chair Lift. It was fabulous πŸ˜₯

Deke Derek Kelly

Ruarc Scally

Walk up ye lazy ...........

Fuck you and chair lift wath about homeless people in Bray don't knock my door with your stupid ideas

Well these just arrived. #LE19 Just got very real. The Idea that they will be up around the town I've lived in my whole life is kind of nerve wracking and strange. Gulp. ... See MoreSee Less

Well these just arrived. #LE19 Just got very real. The Idea that they will be up around the town Ive lived in my whole life is kind of nerve wracking and strange. Gulp.

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Best of luck

Good luck bud

You go for it! Make things better!

No turning back now πŸ˜πŸ‘

Sometimes the simplist Ideas are the best. I was talking to a taxi driver about congestion in the town. He said one thing that would make a big difference on sunny days would be if there was a sign at the top of the Putland hill pointing left with the M50 and M11 logos. Loads of people think the best way back to Dublin is back through the town. If you think this is a good idea please like and share. I have already made a representation to Wicklow Co. Council and I'll share this post as well. ... See MoreSee Less

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It would also be a good idea to direct traffic to the car park at the bridge & not encourage everyone to drive to the beach !

It really would be great if this idea was implemented Eamonn...

Simple but effective idea πŸ‘

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@LiamQuaide @Independent_ie @Dept_CCAE What part of climate emergency, 11 years left, ecological breakdown or societal collapse do the so called "climate action" dept not understand? Seems there's too much πŸ’° to be made in the short term to give πŸ’©πŸ’© about us or our children's future.

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