Local Election Candidate for Athlone

Fiona is a native of Athlone and is currently living near Mount Temple with her husband and daughter. She works as a Programme and Project Manager in IT.

Fiona was a founding member of the Athlone branch of Westmeath Together for Yes and worked tirelessly on the campaign, both on the doorsteps and behind the scenes as an organiser. She is a campaigner for women and women’s rights and for all those affected by poverty, homelessness and lack of access to services. Since the referendum she have been actively involved in supporting the Raise the Roof campaign and the efforts to ease the plight of people in Direct Provision.

Fiona grew up in the Athlone area, first in Valley Court estate and later in Moydrum, where she attended Baylin National School. Fiona graduated from Our Lady’s Bower following her leaving certificate and attended Trinity College Dublin, where she earned a degree in History. Since then she has gained degrees in Archaeology and Legal Studies and successfully passed the Blackhall Place Entrance exams as well as gaining professional qualifications in Insurance, Mediation and Project Management.

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Thanks to the @AthloneAdvert for picking up my press releases on disability rights #DisabilityVotesCount #SocDems #le19

Irish people deserve a proper NHS-style health service where everyone gets decent treatment when they need it.

@TheEconomist is spot on: Health care in Ireland leaves much to be desired @RoisinShortall #FundSlaintecare #slaintecare #SocDems #FGNC19


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