Local Election Candidate for Galway City West

John moved to Galway in 2003. He was drawn to Galway, like so many others, because of its fantastic people and atmosphere. He fell in love with the City of Tribes and its strong sense of community, where he felt right at home and accepted in the melting pot of Galway’s diversity. He is proud to call himself an adopted Galwegian and having been so warmly welcomed as a blow-in he wishes to become a voice and vocal campaigner for those who suffer still from a decade living in austerity.

John has been involved with many campaigns including the marriage equality referendum, the 2016 general election campaign for Niall O’Tuathail and his continuing campaign as candidate for the next General Election, Anti-war campaigns, Galway Educate Together Second Level Campaign, Galway Pride and Repeal the 8th/Together for Yes campaign.

John is frustrated by the political gridlock and lack of progress achieved by his elected officials in Galway City Council. He believes that the key to change is listening to and engaging with the community. His central goal is to recognize and engage with the issues that affect local people; topics that affect communities such as affordable housing, public transport, cycling infrastructure and illegal dumping.

John warmly welcomes any of you to get in touch about any local issues, or likewise anyone who wants to get involved in his campaign or local activism.

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2 weeks ago

John Crowley

The most incredible initiative ran by the most incredible people ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

John Crowley

‪The Irish president, Michael D Higgins, made an unexpected intervention on the eve of Trump's visit by calling Trump’s policy on the climate emergency “regressive and pernicious” ‬

So proud to have a real leader.‬
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‪The Irish president, Michael D Higgins, made an unexpected intervention on the eve of Trumps visit by calling Trump’s policy on the climate emergency “regressive and pernicious” ‬
So proud to have a real leader.‬

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I’m jealous... but also happy for you (and the world) that other some countries have competent and conscientious leadership that prioritize our earth...

And Trumps response was that USA has crystal clear water and air, best in the world. Got better since he became president. Didn't he also liken Irish border to Mexican wall?? the orange fool.

3 months ago

John Crowley

Thanks Dara Bradley for the mention in today’s Galway City Tribune.
I ‘give a fiddlers’ about the thoughts of my community.
That’s why I’m running.

#LE19 #PosterFreePolitics
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Thanks Dara Bradley for the mention in today’s Galway City Tribune.
I ‘give a fiddlers’ about the thoughts of my community.
That’s why I’m running.#LE19 #PosterFreePolitics

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I will vote for poster free John Crowley because he cares for the environment. What this article seems to want is MORE OF THE SAME men in suits. We need new ideas, new approach. The environment is important.

"who gives a fiddler's what people think"..... Maybe he should use that line as his campaign slogan!! 😂 More posterless campaigns please!

They won't recognize you from your poster, they're recognize you from going and talking to them

Good luck John. Exciting times

At least when you are talking about environment issues I believe you. I won't vote for anybody who put posters up

Um, Dara, why should we care about the half-baked, ill thought out, "political analysis" of some randomer in the paper. Everytime I read him I rage.

“Randomers on the prom” i.e. the electorate. Who needs them in a democracy huh? Almost as clueless as a certain tamagotchi video.

Getting my no. 1 anyway 😊

Posters don’t win elections

I find this actually hilarious! Fear of change much???

The randomers on the prom are the people that matter. They are the people paying the taxes . Paying the wages and keeping the local and national economy going. If half the candidates cared more for the random people like John Crowley does , we would all be far better off.

What a dose. Him, not you!!

Best of Luck today John!

He's such a dose.

Feel the wrath brother 🖤




Erin Crowley

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3 months ago

John Crowley

"This election is not about me or the others in this debate.
Its about you and your families.
Its about your commuinities in Salthill, Knocknacarra, Shantalla and Rahoon.
Its about the future of Galway.

If you give me John Crowley the honour of your number one vote on Friday I'll be out straightaway fighting for affordable housing, better public transport and putting commuinity at the heart of every decision our council makes"

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Best of luck, John. Haven't seen the exit polls for your constituency but keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Well done John . You did good .

Well done John!

Well done John!!!

Fair play John. Best of luck

Best of luck John!

Well done John

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3 months ago

John Crowley

I believe this is one of the pivotal moments where we need to take stock of where we are as a city and as a county. A mere glance at recent issues exposes the truth we are not on the right path.
Increased homelessness, the housing crisis, notorious traffic choking our roads -
To quote Niall O Tuathail-
“'Galway has morphed into a small city - but we're stuck with the services of a town”

It's too easy to be cynical, too easy to shout from the sidelines.
In this country we make it far from easy to get involved in our political process.. As I certainly can attest from the last 6 months.
It takes roughly 15 minutes to vote, 15 minutes that will determine who represents you, your family, friends & neighbours for the next 5 years.
Lets get energised, Let's get organised, let's get out there and make sure progressive candidates such as, Owen Hanley, Sharon Nolan & I get an opportunity to share our vision of a more inclusive, fairer Ireland.

Fortunately I truly believe that real change is on the horizon.
The last few years watching more & more people getting involved in our community.
Registering people to vote, fighting for causes that are close to their hearts & also marching & raising money for causes that affect their friends & fellow citizens. Diverse groups rising up after a century of being ignored or suppressed from expressing themselves or getting involved.
This is their moment & they are embracing it & I will fight every day to make sure that their voices are heard. They are not running against something.. They are running for something.
Their futures.
And so am I.
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Let me ask ...Will you vote to put an end to drilliing for oil and gas in Ireland's waters, if such a vote was given to local councillors? And how about the council banning homework for all national school children: That way children can walk to school because their schoolbag only contains a pencil case and a lunch, and isnt 5-6kgs of weight with all the books for homework in it! It instantly takes a huge chunk of city and town traffic off the roads with parents walking with them instead of lugging heavy bags.

Best of luck, John.

Best of luck John! You're gonna rock it!


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