Local Area Rep for Dún Laoghaire

Peter is a founding member of the party.

After graduating from UCD, Peter worked for 5 years in marketing. In 2010 he started a digital agency which helped artists and musicians transition to the digital age.

Peter was involved in the foundation of the SocDems, ran the tech and social media teams in the 2016 general election, is currently on the National Executive and started the Dún Laoghaire branch of the party.

He currently owns and manages a software company which employs 10 people and is classed by Enterprise Ireland as a “High Potential Startup.”

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The Social Democrats believe in an Ireland where high quality public services, strong communities and a thriving economy combine to create a society where everyone has a meaningful opportunity to reach their full potential.

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11 months ago

Peter Tanham

This is a great Vox video on next-generation apprenticeships and the future of work. I'm working on the Irish version of this with the Social Democrats - let me know if you want to get involved! www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU1w-yxQw1kCan we make apprenticeships great again? In many cases, automation is changing the workforce faster than we can keep up. Manufacturers say they expect to hav... ... See MoreSee Less

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1 years ago

Peter Tanham

By 2020 more people will have mobile phones than have electricity or running water.

Software is eating it's way into every industry, whether that's cars becoming computers on wheels, doctors reading MRIs, insurance companies qualifying loans or factories automating manufacturing. Every industry is becoming a tech industry in some form or another.

Because of this, I believe that coding will become the next big blue collar job. It will both create millions of new jobs globally and, combined with other skills, it will transform many middle class jobs that exist today.

So how do we set ourselves up to be at the forefront of this change? There will be tens of thousands of coding jobs created in the next decade, how are we gearing our education system to equip students and retrain workers for the economy of tomorrow?

At our "Solutions for Ireland" event last week I gave a talk about one part of the puzzle - creating an apprenticeship model that gives school leavers a chance to become code technicians without having to do a 4 year Computer Science degree.

Have a listen and let me know what you think - how can we make this happen in Ireland?
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1 years ago

Peter Tanham

Episode 3 of "Man gets tired of shouting at the telly and decides to get involved". This week, the march for choice!

If you want to get involved in the campaign, send me a message and I'll add you to the Dun Laoghaire Repeal the 8th group (or point you in the direction of your local group!)

Next episode is on high tech apprenticeships and coding as the new blue collar job.
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I love this video and l must share.

Brill video Peter

1 years ago

Peter Tanham

Here's the entire March for Choice (in 120 seconds). The tide has turned in Ireland. ... See MoreSee Less


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Islinn Ell

Is there a youtube link so this can be shared on the comment sections of the newspapers where people are disputing the numbers?

Arlette Lyons Cian Moonan were In this hahahah

Sinéad Buckley Fiona Ní Laocha Lordy God

Wow! Yes yes yes 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Any idea of numbers?? 50,000 at least I'm guessing!!

Yes Yes freedom of choose. Every women deserve it🦄🦄🦄🏁

Wow! Amazing! 👏💓😊

Sandra Kearney

Amazing. Well done everyone

Thank you for documenting this!

Emma Roebuck

Rose Ward

Top class Peter Tanham

shame on u abortion is evil

Well captured Peter. 👍

Wish I could have been there. Hope it doesn’t have to happen again. But we won’t stop fighting

Karyn Brennan-Shaw, Susan Shaw, Tara Heffernan

Hannah Susan look at like 15 to 20 seconds!!

David Harrington

Wow, if this doesn't show that the majority want choice then what will! Time to take Ireland out of the dark ages!

For or against killing babies? Let's at least call it what it is.

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1 years ago

Peter Tanham

Maybe you're taking the buggy for a stroll down main street on a Saturday afternoon, or meeting a friend for a coffee on a rainy Sunday, grabbing a take away on Friday or getting the messages on a Monday.

Whatever it means to you, a vibrant, active main street full of shops, restaurants and cafés is good not just for local businesses, but for the quality of life for everyone in the area.

Right now, 13% of all commercial properties in Ireland are vacant because local authorities aren't doing enough to make it easy for local businesses to get going again.

Over the weekend I made a video with Social Democrats Dún Laoghaire highlighting a few of the solutions we can implement today to get some energy, vibrancy, commerce and community back into our town centres.


Social Democrats Dún Laoghaire
What changes would you like to see to bring more business, bustle and life back to your local main street? Peter Tanham shares some positive ideas from our #ProjectMainStreet policy, which you can read more about at https://socialdemocrats.ie/mainstreet/
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Comment on Facebook

It wasn't the recession...it was Owen Keegan , County Manager....he's now trying to do the same to Dublin City..driving people out....and he probably thinks of himself as a socialist....too many public servants think their own theories are for the "social good"... NOT ALWAYS !!!

Worst town in Ireland for one way streets, Parking meters outside guest houses, anti tourist.

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So help me God, I think I’m going to try and explain where Brexit is right now.

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