Local Election Candidate for Limerick City East

Sarah Jane is the SocDems Spokesperson on Mental Health. Sarah Jane has studied, worked and lived in Limerick City since 2006, having grown up in Castlebar, County Mayo.

She went on to complete a degree in Politics and Public Administration and a masters in European Politics and Law from the University of Limerick. While at UL, Sarah Jane served as Postgraduate Student Union President.

Sarah Jane stood in the 2016 General Election for the SocDems in Limerick City and was appointed national chairperson of the Social Democrats in 2017.

Sarah Jane believes that Limerick needs new politics to systematically tackle the ongoing issues facing the city over many years, such as unemployment blackspots, inaccessibility and cost of healthcare, home care and care for the elderly.

She joined the SocDems to work for a radical change in how public services are delivered and to bring about a long-term approach to policy making to build a fairer and sustainable Ireland.

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“Everyone, regardless of background should be able to access education, childcare, care for the elderly and healthcare.”

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Getting the gear fresh & the head cleared before the #LE19 madness truly begins this week.
Great drying out. We are blessed, friends!! πŸ’œπŸ™ŒπŸ™

Such a wonderful play by #Moyross women's group, 'Circle of Friends' here @fablabLimerick - all about #women's reproductive rights throughout #Irish history & the #Repeal campaign, fabulous & very moving β€πŸ™ŒπŸ™

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