Local Area Rep for KilmurrySiobhán is the SocDems representative in Kilmurry and surrounding areas in County Clare. She has a strong interest in the education, community and voluntary sector.

She taught in a primary school in Clare, and in third level institutions- LIT, MIC and UL as well as in further and continuing Adult Education for LCETB, PAUL Partnership and Ennis CDP/HSE.

In the past Siobhán been employed in the civil and public service as well as the private sector in service, retail and finance. In the last 15 years she has worked as a professional social practitioner. Her practice focused on the work of the community/voluntary sector in Ireland and its relationship to the implementation of government policy.

Siobhán has developed community education programmes in this area as well as policy documents. She has also researched and published nationally and internationally on social issues including ethnic entrepreneurship, the ethnic identifier, housing and asylum as well as on the history of Irish immigration policy.Finally, Siobhán has written reports on the asylum system, racism in Ireland and highlighting areas in policy where there are inequalities. Siobhán received her PhD in 2010.

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This is such a crucial time in Women's health in Ireland, our national maternity hospital is being gifted to an organisation that built its wealth on abusing women and children; certain public representatives are attempting to undermine the will of the people from the repeal the 8th referendum; survivors of magdalen asylums are being denied their compensation, rechecks of cervical slides are being delayed - we cannot be complacent. ... See MoreSee Less

Disappointing to hear FF representative endorsing the toxic cosy relationship between big business and government to the detriment of the general population in defence of his FG government colleague on Clare FM yesterday. ... See MoreSee Less


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