The Social Democrats are a young and growing party – a real force for change in Irish society.

Take a Look at Our People

Local Election Candidates – May 2019

Take a look at our candidates for the local elections in May 2019. Our candidates are active campaigners on local issues – and are already working hard to enrich their communities by ensuring that all voices are heard in our cities, town and local areas.

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TDs & Councillors

Our joint party leaders and TDs and our elected councillors across the country are committed to working for a fairer Ireland and finding solutions to issues you care about at national and local level.

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Find SocDems in Your Area

Connect to your local branch members, and learn more about SocDems activists, representatives and events in your area.

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Dáil Candidates

Our Dáil candidates are committed to offering voters a chance to build a modern secular republic that prioritises the welfare of citizens in all our laws and services.

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The Social Democrats have a proven track record of honesty, hard work and principled dealing.

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