The Social Democrats are ambitious for Ireland’s future. We want Ireland to be a republic in which every person has opportunity and dignity.

About Us

The Social Democrats are ambitious for Ireland’s future. We want Ireland to be a republic in which every person has opportunity and dignity.

We are a new party, unhindered by the past and the old style of politics. The most prosperous, inclusive and progressive countries on earth are social democracies.

We believe Ireland can join this group, and that a great many Irish people want us to. We know that a strong, creative, prosperous, fair, equal and democratic country – in which all children have the opportunity to achieve their potential – is not just an aspiration. It can, and should be, Ireland’s reality.

Irish people are tired of short-term thinking, stroke politics, electoral bribes and power that refuses to be held to account. We call for open and transparent government. Honest politics that works in the best interests of the people and not the party or the selected few.

We are asking people to join us in building a new politics that reflects the best of Irish culture. We are asking you to join us, to help build a Republic of Equals.

Our Principles
Our party is founded on the core principles of Progress, Equality, Democracy and Sustainability.





We believe that a strong society requires a thriving economy, high-quality public services and vibrant communities. This means supporting Irish SMEs as well as international businesses in creating good jobs. Our public services must be accessible, provide high standards of service and run efficiently. We must support communities, foster creativity, culture, sports and the arts.


We believe in a society where every person has the opportunity to reach their potential. This needs long-term investment in communities and social infrastructure. It requires the protection of human rights, civil and religious liberties, and a free media. And it must see the on-going progress of economic, social and cultural rights across society.


We believe in competent, inclusive and open government. This requires a political system and culture that promotes transparency and accountability in political and administrative decision making. The current system must change so citizens can play full roles in civic and political life. Our democracy should empower people and those they elect to represent them, locally and nationally.


We believe in a society that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Ireland’s lurching from one electoral cycle to another with little regard for a long term view must change. It requires stable public finances and economic development. It needs coherent, long-term community development and planning. It is critical we safeguard our environment for future generations

Our National Executive

Our National Executive is our ruling body. Its elected members, who serve until the next National Conference, are:

  • Mick Caul, Dublin Mid West
  • Geraldine Cunniffe, Dublin North West
  • Noel Dempsey, Kildare North
  • Dermot Looney, Dublin South West
  • Sean McGrath, Dublin South Central 
  • Morgan Nolan, Dublin Bay North (Chair)
  • Sharon Nolan, Galway West
  • Evie Nevin, Cork South West (Vice Chair)
  • Cat O’Driscoll, Dublin Central
  • Majo Rivas, Cork South Central
  • Sabrina Ryan, Dublin Bay North
  • Kieran Walsh, Limerick City

The party’s Treasurer as well as co-leaders Catherine Murphy TD and Róisín Shortall TD are also members of the National Executive. The party’s General Secretary is a non-voting member.

The Standing Orders Committee is:

  • Angela Flynn, Cork North West
  • Aaron Bowman, Dún Laoghaire
  • Pat Maher, Dublin Bay North
  • Mo Nader, Dublin South Central
  • Claire O’Rourke, Kildare North
Our Codes & Finances

The Social Democrats’ Constitution was adopted at our National Conference in 2016. The Party’s purpose is to work towards:

• A just society that ensures dignity for all its people as part of a true republic;
• A strong economy that offers diverse opportunities and stable national finances;
• Open, transparent and accountable government;
• Sustainable economic, social and environmental planning and decision-making, guided by the best
available evidence.

You can read our Constitution here.

Our Members’ Code of Conduct of conduct is available here.

Our Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures are available here.

Financial Reports

For the Year ending 31st December 2016 are available here.

For the year ending 31st December 2017 are available here.

How we Work

Our Constitution sets out our values, vision and structures.

Our Finances

See our latest audited annual accounts.

Our Members

Read our members’ Code of Conduct and other documents.