The Social Democrats are a young and growing party – a real force for change in Irish society.

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The Party has grown and developed rapidly since its formal establishment and opening up to membership last year.

The adoption of the Party Constitution at the first National Conference, the election of the National Executive, the development of the National Council and the establishment of nearly 30 branches so far all across the country underpin party Members’ voice and participation in the Party.

We need to build on our growth and on the commitment and skills of our members to, as Catherine and Roísín said at the Conference, ‘together build a Republic truly worthy of the name’.

This year is an exciting and challenging one for us. All our increasing activity on the ground in constituencies will be essential in winning more seats in what may be an early election.

Now is the time to renew your party membership – with the membership fee for 2018 now due. Party membership is a minimum of €10 per year (or €5 for unwaged members).

You will need to be a paid up member to be able to vote in forthcoming selection conventions and at national conference.

If you can afford it, would you consider making a monthly donation to the Party incorporating your membership fee? All funds raised through monthly recurring donations incorporating membership will be split evenly between your branch and the Party and directly support our candidates and our preparation for the next General Election.

Monthly Donation

Or you can renew your annual membership here as a once-off payment, with an option to add a donation for your branch if you’d like to.

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Thank you!

Brian Sheehan
General Secretary
[email protected]