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Social Democrats

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The Social Democrats believe in an inclusive, fair and just Ireland in which dignity, respect, and equality of outcome are paramount.

This republic of equals must be rights-based, inclusive and pluralistic with a clear separation between Church and State.

Good quality public services – in housing, healthcare, education and other areas – must be universally accessible to drive equality, promote sustainability, reduce costs for businesses and families, and provide a robust and reliable social and economic safety net.

A strong and vibrant economy, underpinned by robust workers’ rights and a stable and progressive tax base, is inextricably linked to a strong society.

Accountability and honest politics must be hallmarks of the modern republic we are seeking to build.

Sustainability, and protecting our natural environment, is the foundation stone of building a better Ireland – which we are determined to create and safeguard for future generations.

Join us in building a party that reflects the best of Ireland.

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