Our alternative Budget 2020 vision is for a fair economy, a healthy society and a sustainable economy.



In our Alternative Budget 2020 we aim to create a vibrant and sustainable society by driving down daily living costs and investing in quality public services.

The detailed proposals contained in A Fairer Sustainable Future For All present a vision for a healthy society and a sustainable economy based on shared prosperity, dependable public services and quality infrastructure.

In our alternative Budget proposals, we set out five key goals:

  • Stop spiralling rents by freezing rents nationwide
  • End Home Care waiting lists
  • A national Home Retrofit Scheme
  • Better funding for Disability Services
  • End tax favouritism for Cookoo Funds


Download our Budget 2019 document to see our tax and spend priorities for a fairer future where people can live affordable lives.

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Watch: Our #AffordableLives Plan

Our Alternative Budget 2019 presents our vision for a fairer future where people can afford to live affordable lives.

Watch Catherine Murphy TD and Róisín Shortall TD explain how we would cut the cost of living, make housing affordable, improve our health service and better protect our environment.