Meet Ann

I’m Ann Bambury, the Social Democrats Councillor for Bandon-Kinsale.

As a resident of Bandon, mother of four children, and wife to Tomás, who has a business in Kinsale, I understand our community’s challenges. I’m passionate about developing facilities and services in our community. Our growing communities need appropriate planning to meet the needs of its members. We need improved rural transport, more housing, better community-based health and childcare, and accessible community spaces and services.

I’m dedicated to securing home care support and independent living options, promoting the circular economy and local employment opportunities, and addressing derelict/vacant properties to revive our rural communities. Let’s work together towards positive change. With my community development experience and academic knowledge of political sciences, I’m here to be the change you want to see in Bandon-Kinsale to make our community an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

I joined the Social Democrats because I believe there is an appetite and enthusiasm for political change in Ireland. The Social Democrats are a new and progressive party – working from a clean slate, with members representing all sections of society.

Ann’s Priorities

  • Improved local services & amenities – Homecare, Mental Health, Youth, Culture.
  • Addressing dereliction and vacancy in our community.
  • Adequate Housing & Public Transport connecting our towns & villages.
  • Promote Business Initiatives benefiting the economic vibrancy of the district.
  • Support Community Climate & Biodiversity Actions.

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