Local Election Candidate for Bantry

Holly McKeever Cairns is a woman on a mission to build a more resilient West Cork. To end the cycle of boom, bust, emigrate. To invest in small farms and businesses. To bring our young people back home.

A farmer and small business owner from the Turk Head peninsula, Holly grew up with the Ilen River estuary on one side, and Roaring Water Bay on the other. She lived and worked abroad for many years in Greece, Spain, UK, USA and Malta, before moving back home to work in the family farm and business, Brown Envelope Seeds.

Holly has a keen interest in sustainable agriculture and how we can work to ensure food security for future generations. She believes that the answer lies in increased support for small farmers, small business and entrepreneurs.

Now 28, Holly grew up in Aughadown. She attended Lisheen National school and Schull Community College. She graduated from UCC with a first class honours with a Master of Science in Organic Horticulture. As part of her studies, she researched the methods and importance of plant adaptation in the face of unpredictable climates.

Holly has worked with adults with severe neurological and physical disabilities and teenagers with autism. She has spent time volunteering in Calcutta, Cape Town and Romania.

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It's important to highlight that Irish fathers are treated as second-class parents.

Today, unmarried Dads don't have any automatic legal rights to their child-36.4% of births were outside marriage in 2015.


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