Meet Paddy

I’m Paddy Monahan, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Donaghmede, which includes the Raheny area.

I am a dad, a teacher and a lawyer and have lived in the area for my entire life. My introduction to politics came when I started campaigning as a parent on education issues some years ago.

Since then I have campaigned successfully, nationally and in our area, on issues including access to education, active transport and the rights of people with disabilities. Above all I believe people deserve fairness.

My mother had a disability and for years I personally experienced the battle for accessible public infrastructure, transport and services. I led the successful national campaign to end discrimination in school admissions that was known as the baptism barrier – now children throughout North Dublin and nationwide enjoy easier access to their local schools and parents experience less stress around school enrolment. I am also on the board of management of a local primary school. In short, I take action.

I believe everyone should be secure in knowing they have an affordable, high-quality home to live in. Security and comfort of this nature is a right and should not be trumped by the roulette wheel of “the market”.

I joined the Social Democrats because, above all, I believe in fairness. Whether the issue is disabilities or education, affordable housing or healthcare, fairness is my guiding principle.

Paddy’s Priorities

  • Continuing to fight for an inclusive education system for children of all backgrounds and abilities.
  • Accessible public infrastructure, locally and nationally, for people with disabilities and mobility issues.
  • Campaigning for inclusive schools in our area, in particular a new secondary school that boys and girls can attend together.
  • Advocating for a free and accessible State healthcare system – where necessity determines access and treatment, not wealth.
  • Fighting for the provision of affordable housing in our area and investment in public services and amenities, including community centres and play areas.

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