It is time to expel the Israeli ambassador, according to Social Democrats Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Gary Gannon.

Deputy Gannon, said:

“Israel is an apartheid state engaged in a brutal assault of Gaza, the most densely packed internment camp in the world. More than 230 people have already been killed in this bombardment, the majority of them civilians.

“Of the more than 60 children who have died, 11 were participating in a Norwegian Refugee Council programme that provides support to children in Gaza to help them deal with trauma. These innocents, who were already emotionally and physically scarred from previous violence, died under Israeli missiles. Many died, under burning rubble, with their entire extended families.

“Speaking today, Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres said: “If there is a hell on earth, it is the lives of the children of Gaza”. Strong words, but where is the action against Israel for inflicting this hell?

“The response of the international community, to the carnage in Gaza, has been shameful and craven. Earlier this week, the UN Security Council could not even agree to release a statement calling for a ceasefire.

“Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has said expelling the Israeli ambassador would not be helpful. Neither are words nor platitudes.

“Prior to this latest assault, Israel had been engaged in the forced eviction of Palestinian families as it continues to expand its illegal settlements, in defiance of international law.

“There comes a point when inaction, in the face of relentless human rights abuses and war crimes, becomes complicity.

“Ireland should no longer be complicit. It is time to take a stand. Israel will not listen, but it will send a message to the rest of the world.

“Most importantly it will send a message to the people in Gaza. We support you. We are with you.”

20 May, 2021


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