The Government must develop a proper just transition plan for farmers to help them reach their climate targets

The Government must ensure there is a just transition and a fair deal for farmers as they face the emission challenges ahead, according to Social Democrats Climate Spokesperson Jennifer Whitmore.

“Farmers will play a major role in reaching Ireland’s legally binding climate targets. They must be supported to make the necessary changes if we want to successfully reduce our national emissions.

“We are now in a situation where decades of Government decisions have led many farmers down a very intensive route of farming to earn a decent living each year. We can’t turn around now and say they must pay the price for political failures.

“When the long awaited decision is finally made on agricultural emission targets it must include a Just Transition pathway. Farmers must be given proper financial support and guidance from the State to meet the challenges that they will face.

“This is an opportunity to develop our agriculture model for the better. For years now the current agricultural system hasn’t worked for farming families and it hasn’t worked for the environment.

“This is a chance to move away from intensive farming and towards a better future for rural communities.”

28 July, 2022


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