Anne-Marie McNally, Political Communications Director for the Social Democrats to join the Housing Alliance as Executive Director.

“I am hugely excited to announce that I will take-up the role of Executive Director of the Housing Alliance commencing mid-July. I have worked in front line politics in Leinster House and locally in my own community, for the past 8 years and have relished every moment. This new opportunity with the Housing Alliance gives me the chance to marry my passion for societal change with political activism and I believe the time has never been better to work towards a new approach to housing policy in Irish society. I am eager to help lead that change.

My time working with Catherine Murphy led me to become a co-founder of the Social Democrats in 2015 and I have since thrown myself into building that party from the ground up. In the 2019 Local Elections the party trebled its councillor numbers and in the most recent General Election trebled its number of TDs. I am exceptionally proud of the role I played in helping to achieve such growth and success for the party in a relatively short space of time. I am thankful for all the support and friendship I have received from members and supporters across the country during my time with the party.

There comes a time when different opportunities present themselves and this opportunity with the Housing Alliance is one which allows me to pursue an issue I am personally and politically passionate about. I am extremely motivated to get started in the new role and to help deliver the kind of equal and fair society which I have spent my entire career striving to create.”

3rd June 2020

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