The latest revelations of falsified Garda breath test figures are indicative of a force in crisis with deep and pervasive cultural problems that cannot be addressed without management changes, Social Democrats co-leader Róisín Shortall TD said today.

Deputy Shortall said:

“The emergence today of an additional half a million falsified Garda breath tests shows that the problems with the culture and management of the force are even more deeply embedded than we thought.

“These revelations are deeply troubling as they indicate that these problems are pervasive across the force. They show once again, if proof were needed, that Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan is not a suitable person to lead the fundamental reforms that An Garda Síochána desperately needs.

“The confidence of the public is ebbing away with each new crisis and this can only have a harmful impact on the State’s road safety strategies as well as public attitudes to drink driving. The outcome of today’s reports must include consequences for those involved at both management and rank and file level – a decisive and swift break with the past is required once and for all.”


6 September 2017

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