Social Democrats Co-Leader Catherine Murphy has says the housing measures outlined in today’s budget ignore the significantly escalating crisis within the private rental sector where thousands of people reside in the most precarious of circumstances with little to no real protections.

She said the Government continues to rely on the private rental sector by funnelling funds into the HAP system where rents continue to spiral yet does nothing to provide for an affordable and secure rental sector.

“Every decent analysis of the current housing emergency has pinpointed the private rental sector as the number one route into homelessness for many. Increasing rents ensure many are priced out of their homes while the lack of any meaningful security of tenure gives renters little to no protection against an eviction notice.

“As house price increases and mortgage rules have removed the prospect of home ownership from so many on average and middle incomes, increasing numbers of families find themselves relying on the private rental sector as their only housing option.  That option has now become the most expensive method of putting a roof over your head and yet this Budget has made zero provision t ease that burden on the thousands who find themselves in this sector.

“The budgetary allocation of an additional €80 million to HAP in 2020 will bring the total funding for HAP to just over half a billion euro a year. That is half a billion euro directly to private landlords and a strong indication of the further commodification of housing by a Government which prioritises the private market approach which, given the extent of the housing emergency, has very clearly failed. That funding would be far more effectively spent in creating an affordable rental scheme with proper regulation and security of tenure.”

8th October 2019


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