Budget 2021 shows lack of ambition in key areas

Reacting to Budget 2021, the Social Democrats have said that it represents a “lost opportunity ” to make the choices that would lead to long term social and economic revival.

The party have said that the budget missed key opportunities to invest for the long term in public services and economic growth.

The Social Democrats have also said that the Budget will not give confidence that a better society can emerge on the other side of the pandemic.

Commenting, Social Democrats co-leader Roisin Shortall TD said:

“There were clear choices to be made going-in to this budget. The Government could have taken full advantage of the very favourable borrow context and ensure investment in vital public services. It is very clear that there are investment gaps. We had a tremendous opportunity to “level up” public services-extending the interventions which have been made in public provision to ensure long term gains.”

“There is very little in the budget for workers. There are no proposals for low wage workers, and little hope that many of our key workers, who have proved so invaluable, will see their lot improve. What has been announced so far on remote working is totally underwhelming, and there is no proposal to move to the national sick pay scheme we require. There is nothing in this Budget that will reduce the cost of living for people.”

Commenting, Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy TD said:

“This needed to be the investment budget, but key opportunities to invest in our economy were missed. Overall, the public expenditure increases in the budget are more limited than they should be. The choice that was necessary and possible-to take full advantage of the favourable circumstance in borrowing to invest in a long term, job rich recovery-has been missed.”

“We needed to see the biggest investment in jobs. There are no proposals make work more secure, even in light of huge support for business. We believe this is a missed opportunity. We will be seeking more detail in the national economic plan and in the recovery funds to ensure there that the Government invests in job rich, sustainable capital projects.”

13th October 2020

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