The government must stop dodging this question and tell us if they have a plan

Clarity is required on when covid certs will be updated to include booster doses as some EU countries have announced certs with just two doses will no longer be valid after nine months, according to Social Democrats Health Spokesperson Róisín Shortall.

“Certain EU countries, like Austria and France, have stated that covid passes will essentially expire after nine months – unless they are updated to reflect the fact that a booster has been administered. In some cases, all of those aged over 65, and anyone who has received the J&J vaccine, require proof of a booster.

“This means travel and business opportunities, in some EU countries, will soon be restricted for Irish people who have no means to prove they have received a booster dose.

“Updating covid passes in this way does not mean a tightening of restrictions in this country. It simply ensures that those who received their covid cert more than nine months ago, or those who received the J&J vaccine, are not disadvantaged if they want to travel.

“Members of the government have suggested it would not be fair to update covid passes in this way until everyone has had an opportunity to receive a booster. This does not stand up to scrutiny.

“Nobody is arguing that services in this country should be made contingent on proof of a third dose – but the fact remains that this is what is happening in other EU countries. People who wish to travel to these countries, and who have received their booster, should therefore have the ability to demonstrate this via their covid pass.

“The government must stop dodging this question and tell us if they have a plan. When will those travelling across the EU, who are reliant on their covid pass to access services in those countries, have their third dose reflected in their covid pass?”

16 December, 2021


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