Clarity on the PUP can be provided in advance of Nphet meeting and providing its public health advice.

The government urgently needs to clarify whether it intends to extend the cut-off date for new applicants to the PUP, according to Social Democrats Social Protection Spokesperson Gary Gannon.

“The Pandemic Unemployment Payment will close to new entrants on July 1 – this Thursday. Meanwhile, there is complete confusion over whether indoor dining will return on July 5.

“It is welcome that the government has responded to criticism and said it will make a decision on the reopening earlier than initially anticipated, but it has not provided a firm date for when this is likely to happen.

“Meanwhile, thousands of hospitality workers are expected to return to work from tomorrow to assist in preparing businesses for the reopening and undertake covid training. If these staff do return to work, and sign off the PUP, will their PUP be reinstated if the reopening is delayed and that decision is not made until Wednesday or Thursday?

“Businesses need clarity as quickly as possible on whether the reopening will proceed – but so do their workers. Workers should not be left in a worse financial position because of restrictions being extended.

“Supports for both workers and businesses must be left in place for as long as the restrictions remain. Staff in the hospitality sector should be in no doubt that if they do return to work this week, they will be able to revert to the PUP if their employers remain closed.

“The government should provide clarity on this immediately. This can be done in advance of Nphet meeting and providing its public health advice. ”

27 June, 2021


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