Social Democrats Spokesperson on Energy, Jenifer Whitmore TD, has said today’s announcement by the CRU (Commission for Regulation of Utilities) that the moratorium on disconnections will cease on June 29th  and that the provision of emergency credit to Pay As You Go Customers will revert to €10 from the current €100, is premature and will cause financial hardship for many households still struggling financially as a result of job losses or reduced hours due to the Covid crisis.

Speaking following the CRU announcement Jennifer Whitmore TD said:

“As we gradually come out of lockdown it would be a mistake to think that life has simply returned to normal for everyone. That is simply not the case and so many have lost jobs or found themselves on reduced hours and payment as a result of the crisis and its aftermath on the economy. Many families are struggling to make ends meet right now and this move will place many households at real risk of fuel poverty or disconnection from their energy supplier. That cannot be acceptable. This move is premature, and I would call on the CRU to extend the moratorium and the additional credit allowance to allow households some breathing room at this extremely difficult time for many.

“The CRU really need to extend the moratorium and use to use the resulting time period to put in place a communications plan which will provide clear and accurate information to households with plenty of time factored in for them to make the necessary financial adjustments.”

26th June 2020


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