Social Democrats Councillor and Dublin Central General Election candidate, Gary Gannon has said the revised plans for the site of the former Magdalene Laundry on Sean McDermott Street in Dublin’s North Inner-City represent an ‘incredible development’ for the city.

 Cllr Gannon said the revised proposals lay out a plan for a combination of housing, an educational centre incorporating 3rd level and early years intervention initiatives, and critically, a very substantial memorial to the victims and survivors of Ireland’s shameful institutional past.

“The revised proposals are extremely welcome in that they have taken onboard the concerns and needs of the local community alongside the need to recognise and acknowledge everything the site represents about a shameful period in our history and providing a permanent memorial to the victims and survivors of that period.

“There is a wonderful group of activists, architects, and academics who have come together under the banner of ‘The Open Heart Collective’ who will be developing the memorial in consultation with survivors, their representative groups, and the local community.

“This is an incredible development for the city and will become a living monument to Ireland’s past; to acknowledge the wrongs inflicted on women and men throughout our history, and to become a place of hope and renewal in the North Inner City.

“I’ve been working with Dublin City Council on this idea for close to 18 months now and I’m delighted that we have brought it to a point where they have now updated all local Councillors on the ambition for this historic location.  We made a promise to some very important people and I will work tirelessly to ensure that commitment is honoured.”

21st Feb 2020


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