Soaring rent costs and the chronic lack of rental properties around the country are putting enormous economic and emotional pressures on families and individuals, Social Democrats Councillor Gary Gannon said today.

Reacting to today’s report, Cllr Gannon said:

“Skyrocketing rents and the chronic shortage of rental accommodation around the country is having a massive negative impact on individuals and family units, both economically and emotionally. People in their 20s and 30s, including third level students and people with young families, have no choice but to live at home with their parents. More and more we are seeing three generations of families living under the one roof. That poses an economic burden on the older generation and can disturb family dynamics.”

Cllr Gannon was speaking as figures published by show that there were fewer than 3,000 properties available to rent nationwide, the lowest figure on record for the country. The report also showed that rents are now 13% higher than their 2008 peak nationwide. In Dublin, rents are now 18% higher than their previous peak. The average property in the capital now costs €1,741 a month to rent, while the average rent nationwide is €1,159.

He added:

“The government is failing renters by not taking the radical steps needed to tackle the housing crisis with the urgency required. The Rent Pressure Zone model has clearly not worked as rents continue to spiral upwards throughout the country. The Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy needs to urgently bring in rent certainty for all. This could be achieved by linking rents to the Consumer Price Index until there is sufficient housing available to drive down rents for new renters and sitting tenants alike.

“On the supply side, not enough has been done to free up vacant sites and land for development. The Social Democrats have published a Bill that would tackle land-hording an. The Urban Regeneration and Housing (Amendment) Bill would mean that owners of vacant sites would face higher levies the longer the land remains undeveloped.”


22 August 2017

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