Making Dublin city centre safer will require a multi-agency approach and not just a policing solution, according to Social Democrats TD Gary Gannon.

Deputy Gannon, who is a TD for Dublin Central, said:

“In a newspaper interview published today, Dublin City Council’s chief executive Richard Shakespeare belatedly offers his views on last November’s riots and says he believes that An Garda Síochána is under-resourced to police the streets of the capital.

“He also states that Dublin cannot be policed on overtime. This is something we can agree on as I have been saying the same thing since extra gardaí were deployed on a temporary basis in the wake of several high-profile violent assaults in the city last summer.

“While Dublin certainly needs a properly resourced, permanent policing plan, the city’s underlying problems are complex and multi-faceted. People often feel unsafe in Dublin because of how the city looks.

“Mr Shakespeare cannot absolve himself and the local authority of responsibility for the marked decline of Dublin. Dereliction, heavily littered streets and poor lighting all contribute to an environment that is unsafe and unwelcoming – and these issues are the direct responsibility of Dublin City Council.

“I welcome the fact that the council’s new chief executive recognises there is a need for agencies to work together to combat crime.

“However, for decades the city has been in decline due to lack of leadership and neglect. Dublin City Council – and Mr Shakespeare – must take their share of the blame for this and do better.”

April 3, 2024

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