Social Democrats co-leader Róisín Shortall TD, responding to a Social Justice Ireland report that shows more than 104,000 working people at risk of poverty, today said:

“The findings of the Poverty Focus 2018 report are very disturbing and show just how much this government is failing working people and their families.

“The government clearly has gotten its priorities entirely wrong when, in the midst of an economic recovery, such a substantial number of working people are struggling to get by financially.

“Workers are increasingly facing job insecurity, including low paid and precarious working conditions, bogus self-employment and the issue of two-tier pay scales in the public service. At the same time, childcare costs and a lack of affordable housing means that a greater chunk of people’s salaries are being spent on just getting by. It is abundantly clear from this report that workers’ rights are not being prioritised by this government and policy-makers.”


20 March 2018

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