This level of rental increase is immiserating ordinary workers

New figures from the RTB show that the government has abjectly failed to constrain runaway rents, according to Social Democrats Housing Spokesperson Cian O’Callaghan.

“Rents rose by 8.3pc in the third quarter of the year – the highest rate of rental increase since 2017. In Dublin, average rents are now almost €2,000 per month. Average rent now exceeds €1,000 per month in 12 counties.

“The Housing Minister has been promising to address exorbitant rental increases since he came into office, but his approach has not worked. The proof of this abject failure is evident in today’s figures from the RTB.

“Renters cannot afford this persistent failure. This level of rental increase is immiserating ordinary workers. It is plunging people into poverty and seriously impacting people’s ability to live a life of dignity.

“Instead of tinkering around the edges – by linking rents to sky-high inflation or imposing rent caps that don’t work – the Housing Minister must ban rental increases. This is the only way to stop the inexorable increases in rents until more supply is delivered.

17 December, 2021


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