Social Democrats Housing spokesperson and Dublin Bay North TD, Cian O’Callaghan, speaking on the Homeless Prevention Bill being discussed by the Dáil this evening, said:

“We have to take proactive steps to prevent more people from becoming homeless. Over the last four years, spending on homeless prevention has fallen from 7% of the overall budget to just 5%. This is a real signal that the Government has deprioritised prevention.

“Spending more on homeless prevention is cost-effective. It also spares families and children the horrendous stress and trauma of losing their home.

“We need to move resources away from emergency responses and into long-term secure accommodation. We also need to invest more in tenancy protection services, and we have to strengthen tenants’ rights.

“No one should be evicted into homelessness. No one should be discharged from hospital to homelessness, and no one should go from State care to homelessness. We need to put plans, supports and wraparound services in place.”

December 15, 2020

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