Putin’s despotic behaviour shows that we can no longer take peace for granted in Europe 

Ireland must continue to offer unwavering support to those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine, according to Catherine Murphy, co-leader of the Social Democrats.

Deputy Murphy, who will speak at today’s rally at the GPO in Dublin to mark the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, said:

“Today represents a grim milestone in modern history. One year on from Vladimir Putin’s illegal military assault on a sovereign nation, it is difficult to process the sheer scale of brutality perpetrated on Ukrainian people.

“Putin’s despotic behaviour and war crimes have irrevocably changed the geopolitical landscape and made us realise that we can no longer take peace in Europe for granted. EU countries have been united in expressing revulsion at Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and must continue to offer a safe haven to those fleeing the conflict.

“Today, I want to acknowledge the empathy, support and humanitarian effort demonstrated by communities throughout Ireland in welcoming our new friends from Ukraine. Every day, the foundations for long-lasting relationships and bonds are being laid down in our schools and sports clubs as children from Ireland and Ukraine live, play and learn together.

“In displaying such spirit of generosity, Ireland must continue to wrap its arms around the people of Ukraine during this dark chapter of history.”

February 24, 2023

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