Holly Cairns TD

The international community must hold Israel to account for the latest deaths of humanitarian aid workers in Gaza, according to Social Democrats leader Holly Cairns.

“At a time when Israel is embarking on a deliberate policy of forced starvation of the Gazan population, the senseless killing of seven aid workers attached to the World Central Kitchen charity cannot go unchallenged.

“Not content with targeting hospitals and the indiscriminate bombardment of civilians, Israeli forces continue to hamper the brave efforts of aid workers who are trying to bring desperately needed food and relief to the Palestinian people.

“While there has been a strengthening of language from the international community in recent weeks, words of condemnation will not be enough to stop the slaughter. Nothing less than punitive economic sanctions, along with an immediate end to the supply of weapons to Israel by countries such as the United States and Germany, is required.

“By targeting the Iranian consulate in Syria over the weekend, Netanyahu’s government seem intent on provoking Hezbollah and Iran into a wider conflict in the Middle East, which will further destabilise the region.

“When will enough be enough? How many lines need to be crossed? What is it going to take for the international community to act against Israel?”

April 2, 2024

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