To see the crisis go unaddressed for a decade, while the Taoiseach flippantly states the issue cannot be addressed overnight, is deplorable

Social Democrats Councillors on Dublin City Council have called for a special meeting of the local authority to be convened to address dismissive and condescending comments, made by Chief Executive Owen Keegan to UCD Students’ Union, about the student accommodation crisis.

Cllr. Cat O’Driscoll said:

“I was shocked and disappointed to read the dismissive and condescending comments, by Dublin City Chief Executive Owen Keegan, in response to a letter from University College Dublin Students’ Union about the student accommodation crisis in Dublin.

“Keegan wrote “…if you genuinely believe that excess profits are being made in the PBSA market I am surprised the Students Union has not entered the market itself and provided lower cost accommodation for its members”.

“The Social Democrats Dublin City Councillors submitted an Emergency Motion to the October Council meeting which was not accepted, and proposed student accommodation as a topical issue for the meeting, which did not get the two-thirds majority to be put to the floor.

“As a Students’ Union Officer ten years ago, I saw the student accommodation crisis begin and campaigned for vulnerable students to be supported. To see the crisis go unaddressed for a decade, and the Taoiseach flippantly state the issue cannot be addressed overnight, is deplorable.

“To address the comments of Owen Keegan, and the continuing crisis of student accommodation in the city, we have requested a special meeting of Dublin City Council in accordance with Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act.

“Furthermore we believe Dublin City Council should be led by a directly elected Executive Mayor instead of administrators who cannot be held to account.”


11 October, 2021

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