Reacting to today’s Government announcement on the extension of Level 5 and the introduction of additional restrictions relating to travel, Róisín Shortall TD, co leader of the Social Democrats, made the following points:

  • Disappointing that proposals fall far short of a Zero Covid or elimination strategy. There is public support for going further. We need to do it right and do it now.
  • No target daily numbers set; no clear objective set. How long will this go on?
  • Still an over-reliance on vaccines, despite the fact that supply and long-term effectiveness remain uncertain.
  • No detail on how quarantining in a hotel or at home will work. What about legislation? When will it be passed? Who will enforce? Where?
  • It seems there is nothing concrete on data sharing with Northern Ireland, despite vague promises from Eamon Ryan. Why has this not been agreed?
  • Garda checkpoints at approaches to airports and ports are meaningless as they only have power to issue fines, not turn people back.
  • No clarity on what will happen around the border.
  • No ambition for an all-island approach.

January 26, 2021

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