The Government’s approach to the calculated grades system has been marked by a lack of transparency and last-minute decisions which has only added to the uncertainty and stress of students this year. That’s according to Holly Cairns TD, Social Democrats Spokesperson for Further and Higher Education.

Holly said:

“The Minister has informed us today that 6,500 students got a grade below what they should have – that’s over 10% affected, which is incredible. It will only become clear in the next few days how this has impacted on individual students.

“I’ve been dealing with cases from across West Cork of students who were marked down in the standardisation process. This situation highlights more problems with this system.

“The Minister needs to immediately put forward solutions at a substantially quicker pace than has been exhibited to date. All students should get the places in further and higher education they worked so hard for.

“Since April, I have been seeking a more transparent system and I had asked the previous Minister to put greater monitoring processes in place. The technical reports on the calculated grades system published in early September will need to be re-examined and the results shared to fully explain what happened.”

September 30, 2020

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