Residents on Dublin’s Northside woke this morning to hear shocking and disturbing details of a persons remains being found in a bag.  News reports indicate that the death is suspected to be connected to violent crime. Unfortunately this news of death and crime is not an isolated incident.

Local Social Democrats Councillor Cian O’Callaghan commented:

“Those involved in such appalling activities represent just a tiny fraction of the population but they have a huge impact on the whole community.  The response to serious crime of this nature has been far too weak. We need to be much more ambitious and comprehensive in tackling the root causes for young people getting involved.”

Setting out the Social Democrats’ proposals, he emphasised a number of key actions that need to be taken:

“We have to restore Garda numbers to what they were before austerity cuts.  We particularly need to invest in community Gardaí to build relationships with people who live in the communities that are affected – experience shows that this really makes a difference.

But we also have to take a big-picture approach in thinking about why drugs and crime are attractive to some young people.  This requires investment in the sports clubs, youth groups and other community facilities that make neighbourhoods thrive and seriously addressing social exclusion.

Regrettably, the northside of Dublin has lost out on the investment in infrastructure and public services needed to build sustainable, safe and cohesive communities.  I’m running in this election to challenge this and to stand up for the northside.”

Councillor Cian O’Callaghan is running in the General Election on 8th February in the constituency of Dublin Bay North.


14th January 2020

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