Social Democrats T.D. for Dublin Bay North,  Cian O’Callaghan called for more Gardai to be deployed to North Dublin to prevent attacks by large gatherings of youths.

Cian O’Callaghan T.D. said:

‘It’s appalling to see a teenager attacked by 30 other youths with hammers. Unfortunately this isn’t an isolated event. There has been a pattern of these kind of attacks – particularly at this time of year. This calls for a very serious response by the Gardai. We need more Gardai on the streets. They have to be seen. They need to take pro-active steps to stop these horrific events from happening.’

‘There is understandable fear in the local community today. People need to be reassured that everything possible will be done to prevent another incident like this. In the first instance this requires more visible Gardai. Longer term we need to understand what causes this violent behaviour and implement strong and proactive strategies to prevent it.’


21st May 2020

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