Gary Gannon TD

Dereliction, heavily littered streets and poor lighting are making our capital city feel unsafe

Social Democrats TD Gary Gannon has called for a multi-agency response to unacceptable levels of violent assaults in Dublin city centre.

Deputy Gannon, who represents Dublin Central, said:

“Last weekend’s unprovoked attack on Ukrainian actor Oleksandr Hrekov on Eden Quay is a stark reminder of how dangerous Dublin city centre has become at night. The victim, who had travelled here with a Kyiv theatre company to perform in the Abbey, suffered horrific injuries after being viciously assaulted with a broken bottle.

“It is simply appalling that a person coming from a war-torn country on a cultural endeavour to Ireland should be attacked in such a cowardly and brutal manner.

“Unfortunately, for those of us living or working in Dublin city centre, the most recent incident will come as little surprise. Violent assaults have increased dramatically in the capital. In the Dublin South Central Garda Division, for instance, they are up 60 per cent and there has been a 90 per cent rise in serious assaults.

“Dublin is a beautiful, vibrant and friendly city and I am immensely proud of it. However, when this city goes dark, you are better off taking yourself out of it as it just isn’t safe, particularly on certain streets.

“The Government needs to get in front of this. It will require a multi-faceted response involving the gardaí, Dublin City Council and health agencies.

“Creeping dereliction, heavily littered streets and poor lighting all contribute to how the city feels.

“A targeted policing response is also required. Locals will tell you that the opening of a new garda station on O’Connell Street has not made a noticeable difference to the physical policing presence in this part of Dublin city centre.

“The Government has ignored repeated calls from me for a Taoiseach-led taskforce to tackle crime, drug addiction, littering and dereliction in the vicinity of O’Connell Street. It is time to put this proposal back on the agenda.”

June 28, 2023

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