Paul Mulville, Social Democrats councillor for the Rush Lusk Ward, has called for urgent changes to be made to Fingal County Council’s Housing policy, in order to ensure that separated parents are fairly treated.

Cllr Mulville stated: “Separated parents on the council’s housing waiting list have long faced difficulties trying to access adequate support under the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) scheme, and previous to that the Rent Supplement scheme.”

“As reported by RTÉ on Saturday, following a recent Supreme Court judgement, Dublin City Council intend to amend their scheme of letting priorities so that a parent whose children live primarily with their former partner can be assessed as in need of a two bedroom home so the children can stay over with them.  The matter will now go before the next City Council meeting for councillors to give their approval.”

“I believe that Fingal County Council’s Housing Department should bring forward a similar amendment to our letting priorities scheme for approval by councillors.  In fact, the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, though his days in office may be numbered, should put forward national guidelines so that every local council complies.”

“There are a great many separated parents in Fingal and nationwide struggling under these unjust rules, and they deserve fair treatment now.”




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