Responding to the findings of a recent independent review of the Climate Change Advisory Council, Social Democrats TD Jennifer Whitmore said:

“The independent review found that the Climate Change Advisory Council has been reactive to Government policy rather than proactive; has too many heads of State agencies as members; and has not communicated well with the public.

“The new Climate Action Council being legislated for in the Climate Action Bill must learn from this and become a proactive group on issues of climate action and biodiversity. There has always been an overbearing focus by the Climate Change Advisory Council on the economic implications of climate change policy, rather than the urgent need to apply changes and the impact this has on communities from a just transition perspective.”

Deputy Whitmore, who is the party’s spokesperson for Climate Action and Biodiversity, added:

“I have put in many amendments relating to the role of the Climate Action Council at the Oireachtas Committee as part of the pre-legislative scrutiny stage of the new Climate Action Bill. I particularly wanted to see it engaging more on ecological and biodiversity issues but this will require a broad membership of expertise and more focus on the climate action on a local and community level as well as national.

“I intend to put in further amendments as the Bill progresses through the Dáil to address this deficit and redefine the Climate Action Council so that it is responsive, proactive, independent and engages with the public on climate change issues.”

January 18, 2021

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