The Social Democrats today launched a wide-ranging policy document focusing on some of the issues impacting on older people’s overall quality of life. The party says that older people have very specific concerns such as the availability of homecare packages, the fear around the pension controversy and other issues including housing and healthcare.

 Speaking outside an older people’s housing development in Glasnevin, Social Democrats co-leader Róisín Shortall said:

“Older people often feel the issues which impact on their lives are just not given the prominence they deserve. Lots of older people live in fear of getting sick and finding themselves at the mercy of a dysfunctional health service or being left on a trolley or hospital bed for the want of an adequate homecare package. There is also a major fear factor around financial and income security – and that was evidenced by the reaction to the pensions issue in this campaign.  However, security in old age is not just about income. It is critical that we provide decent public services for older people to ensure their full participation in society, to counteract isolation, and to ensure they have access to appropriate housing and healthcare.”

Cllr Gary Gannon, the GE candidate for the Dublin Central area where the policy was launched said:

“Older people are the fabric of our communities. Most of our older neighbours are vibrant functioning members of the community – the mark of a healthy society is how we treat people as they age.  While I’m one of the younger candidates in this election, I’m getting some of my strongest support from older people because they recognise that social democracy is fundamentally about decency. Some other parties like to pit younger people versus older people but what we actually need is intergenerational solidarity.  Our policy today recognises that older people have specific needs but those needs must be addressed in holistic societal approach.”

05th Feb 2020

NOTES: Our ‘Supporting Older People’ policy is available here.

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