Meet Eibhlín

I’m Eibhlín Seoighthe, the Social Democrats Local Election Candidate for Galway City Central.

I’m a photographer, mother of two, and raising a family in Shantalla. My involvement with the Students’ Union, the Woodquay Business & Residents Association and Glan Suas Gaillimh showed me how community activism can really benefit Galway.

People make communities and communities build cities. I want to empower every person to make Galway the most liveable city it can be.

Eibhlín’s Priorities

  • Empowering local voices, to make Galway a safe and liveable city for all it’s residents.
  • Supporting local businesses, markets, and festivals to retain Galway’s unique charm.
  • Advocating for affordable housing and targeting delict housing around the city.
  • Increasing accessible recreation and amenities for community events.

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