Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Whitmore is a TD for Wicklow.

With a background in ecology, marine science and environmental law, Jennifer believes that we need delivery on climate action now and should use every opportunity at our disposal to effect positive change in this area.

Before entering politics, Jennifer spent ten years in Australia as a senior policy analyst alongside government Ministers, developing environmental law, water management and energy policy. She also spent several years working with the Marine Institute as a scientist.

Since Jennifer’s election to the Dáil in 2020, she has highlighted the need for better controls on energy prices and advocated for better protections for families at risk of fuel poverty.

She has also served as the Chair of the Oireachtas Committee on International Surrogacy and has called for a fully publicly funded childcare and early education service that meets the needs of parents, children and educators.

I became involved in politics to effect change. Ireland’s future is a bright one and our potential is great. The time to make that change is now.

Jennifer’s Priorities

  • Meaningful climate action underpinned by the principles of a Just Transition.
  • Take the steps required to protect and improve our biodiversity.
  • Reduce energy prices and diversify our energy sources by encouraging major investment in solar and offshore wind.
  • Build a rural public transport system that is regular, reliable and affordable.
  • Meet our climate targets through a Just Transition.
  • Ensure adequate school planning.
  • Reduce the cost of childcare.

Latest News

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Social Democrats TD Jennifer Whitmore has welcomed the outcome of a high-profile climate case taken against Switzerland in the European Court of Human Rights – a legal action that had been opposed by the Irish Government. Deputy Whitmore, who is the party’s spokesperson on climate and biodiversity, said: “In a landmark decision, the ECHR has […]

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Underwhelming international protection accommodation plan suggests government is floundering

Pushing targets for delivery out to 2028, while we are in the midst of a crisis, points to a government that is floundering The only surprise in the government’s new accommodation strategy for international protection applicants is that this flimsy document took so long to produce, according to Social Democrats Jennifer Whitmore. “Integration Minister Roderick […]

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Government should fast-track Soc Dems’ Bill to improve safety of election candidates

A taskforce examining the safety of politicians echoes calls by Social Democrats TD Jennifer Whitmore to remove the requirement for election candidates to publish their home address on nomination and ballot papers. Deputy Whitmore, who has proposed these measures in her Electoral (Home Address of Candidates) Bill 2024, said: “According to media reports, the Taskforce […]

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