Renters are in total despair about their living situation

Nearly 45pc of households in Dublin Bay South are in private rental accommodation – and have been utterly abandoned by successive governments, according to Social Democrats by-election candidate Sarah Durcan.

Ms Durcan was commenting as she launched the Social Democrats’ Renters’ Charter, outlining reforms that are immediately required to improve protections for renters.

“Nearly 45pc of households in Dublin Bay South are in private rental accommodation. This is far more than the national average of just 18.3pc. The failure of successive governments to introduce protections for renters is therefore felt particularly keenly in this constituency. Renters here, and elsewhere, have been abandoned by the government.

“All over the city, every single day, I’ve been hearing about renters who are in total despair about their living situation. With astronomical rents going higher and higher, no security of tenure and substandard living accommodation, renters have lost all faith in this government.

“We need to introduce security of tenure, rent freezes and a rent cap – they are among the suite of measures included in our renters’ charter.”

Social Democrats Housing spokesperson Cian O’Callaghan added:

“We have some of the highest rents in Europe and some of the weakest protections for renters. We are launching our renters’ charter to try to improve living conditions, and rights, for tenants.

“We want to see an end to the favourable tax treatment of investment funds; the introduction of a deposit protection scheme for tenants and an end to no-fault evictions. No tenant who is paying their rent should be subject to an arbitrary eviction.”

4 July, 2021


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