The head of the UK’s Government legal department, Jonathan Jones, has quit over suggestions that Boris Johnson is trying to row back on parts of last year’s Brexit deal relating to Northern Ireland.

Commenting on the development, Social Democrats Brexit spokesperson, Cian O’Callaghan TD, said:

“It appears from the resignation of Jonathan Jones that the UK Government is not just ‘sabre rattling’ and that there is a very real risk that they will renege on parts of the Northern Ireland protocol already agreed.

“The UK Government has pursued a very clear strategy of running down the clock on the negotiations to ensure that only a bare bones agreement can be made. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the EU negotiating team to make progress with a counterpart that refuses to engage in detailed discussion, and which is indicating that it may not stick to agreements already made.

“The conclusion of a trade deal is of huge economic importance to the UK and Ireland. However, the European Union cannot be bullied into a deal which compromises its internal market and must stand firm against the various tactics being employed by the UK Government.”

September 8, 2020

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