Cian O'Callaghan TD

It is clear the Government’s policies are failing renters

New research from the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) shows out-of-control rents are unsustainable and unconscionable, according to according to Social Democrats Housing Spokesperson Cian O’Callaghan.

“Research by the RTB shows rents are out of control. Half of all renters pay more than 30pc of their take-home pay in rent. In Dublin, that figure rises to 64pc.

“The situation is even worse for a significant proportion of renters in Dublin. A shocking 23pc pay more than 50pc of their income in rent. These runaway rents are unsustainable and unconscionable.

“The RTB report is further evidence of the gravity of the problem – and how unaffordable rents have really become.

“To be truly affordable, housing costs should be no more than 30pc of take-home income. It is clear the Government’s policies are failing renters. Year after year, rents have been allowed to climb – far exceeding pay increases. This is why we need a three-year ban on rent increases.

“This research also highlights the deep concerns caused by a lack of security of tenure. People live in fear that tenancies could come to an end through no fault of their own. This insecurity impacts more than just renters’ living condition – it also has implications for their job opportunities, children’s education and ability to integrate into communities. We must end no-fault evictions.

“Older tenants are particularly vulnerable. Many are fearful they will not be able to keep a roof over their head when they retire. The Government must legislate for security of tenure with long leases and leases of indefinite duration.

“Fewer than half of the tenants surveyed were aware of the Residential Tenancies Board or the existence of Rent Pressure Zones. As well as enhancing protections, there is a real need to make tenants aware of their rights under the law. This isn’t happening.

“Renters have been left at the end of a long queue when it comes to housing reform. This must end. We need radical reform of the rental sector now as a matter of urgency.”

14 July, 2021


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