The Social Democrats today urged people to vote Yes in Friday’s referendum on the Eighth Amendment to ensure that women can access the healthcare they need in Ireland.

The party’s co-leader Catherine Murphy TD said:

“With just a few days to go to polling, we are urging people to use this once in a generation opportunity to remove the Eighth Amendment from our Constitution.

“The Eighth Amendment is an impediment to providing care for women who face crisis pregnancies, including a diagnosis of Fatal Foetal Abnormality. Proposed legislative changes to alleviate the burden that people face in crisis circumstances have been shot down on advice from the Attorney General – all based on the Eighth Amendment.

“We have for far too long relied on England to provide the care and compassion that people in these dire circumstances need.  I want that care and compassion to be available in Ireland. We can only ensure that by voting Yes on Friday.”

Party co-leader Róisín Shortall TD added:

“The Social Democrats will continue in the coming days to take our message of compassion, healthcare and dignity to people on the doorsteps in cities, towns and villages around the country.

“We are urging everyone who wants to see positive change to talk to relatives and friends who may be undecided – and to get out and cast their ballots for Yes on Friday.”


22 May 2018

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