Social Democrats Housing spokesperson Cian O’Callaghan TD has called for the Land Development Agency Bill to be amended so that 100% of the homes built on public land are affordable or social.

Deputy O’Callaghan said:

“If the Minister for Housing is committed to providing affordable homes for first-time buyers, he would ensure that 100% of the homes built on public lands are affordable or social.

“The proof of the Minister’s commitment is in the detail of his bill. Under his plans, 40% of homes built on public land will be sold at full market prices, potentially to large institutional investors. The Social Democrats oppose this. Instead, we want public land to be used solely to build much-needed affordable and social homes.

“If the Minister really believes in the value of providing affordable and social homes, he will amend his bill to ensure that all available public lands are used for that purpose.

“State lands should be used for public gain, not private profit. People are crying out for affordable and social homes – that is what should be delivered by the Government. I am calling on the Minister for Housing to amend his bill.”

February 17, 2021

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