Social Democrats spokesperson on Education Equality and Access, Councillor Gary Gannon, has criticised the heavy-handed approach of private security at Trinity College Dublin to students protesting against proposals to introduce new fees for repeat examinations.

Councillor Gannon said:

“Students who have turned out in force to Take Back Trinity deserve to have their voices heard, not silenced. The heavy-handed treatment of protestors during the sit-in goes against the grain for an institution that celebrates diversity of voices and fundamental freedoms.

“Ireland is already at the bottom of the class in Europe when it comes to college fees for undergraduate students who are charged €3,000 per year. Students in other EU countries either pay no fees at all or pay less than €1,000 per year.

“As well as fees, our college students also have to contend with the low SUSI thresholds and student living costs including sky rocketing rents.  All of these costs combined are insurmountable barriers for a huge range of young people who have the talent, skills and ambition to continue to third level. Students are not cash-cows and need to stop being treated as such.”


15 March 2018

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